Healthcare Research Ethics Workshop

In collaboration with CREATE-READi, we are pleased to invite you to a talk and discussion on Healthcare Research Ethics. This workshop will introduce you to the ethics principles and requirements of healthcare, thereby preparing you for future work with patients and healthcare consumers. The regulatory systems topic will be presented by experts with experience navigating regulatory Read more about Healthcare Research Ethics Workshop[…]

Mobile App Development – Basic

The Basic Mobile App Development course targets participants that have basic experience in programming. You will learn about the basics of Android App development, using built-in sensors, image processing, and data storage in Android. The course will be given by professor Hussein Al Osman at the University of Ottawa. Course material by Dr. Al Osman Location: Room VNR-1050, Vanier Read more about Mobile App Development – Basic[…]

A day in the life of: Executive Director of OPHA

CREATE-BEST and the MDII are pleased to invite you to the first session of a series of seminars/webinars on the workday of a healthcare / public health professional. During each of these sessions, we will invite a guest from the healthcare / public health sector and conduct a live interview with with them. We will Read more about A day in the life of: Executive Director of OPHA[…]

MDII & CREATE-BEST Research Poster Day

About CREATE-BEST and the Medical Devices Innovation Institute (MDII) organized the 2nd research poster day on September 25, 2018. This gathering is a great opportunity for students, researchers and industry in the areas of eHealth, mHealth, well-being and medical devices to interact and learn about each others work with the hope of finding mutual interests Read more about MDII & CREATE-BEST Research Poster Day[…]

Regulator Perspectives and Updates on Sharing Clinical Trial Documents and Data

On-campus seminar / live webcast – June 14 at 11 a.m. ET

Seminar registrationLive-stream registration Presentation on the evolving landscape for sharing clinical trial data. This event is being organized in collaboration with Privacy Analytics. There have been initiatives by various regulators around the world to share clinical trial information publicly. There are similarities in the approaches taken, but also some important differences. The purpose of this Read more about Regulator Perspectives and Updates on Sharing Clinical Trial Documents and Data<br><h4>On-campus seminar / live webcast – June 14 at 11 a.m. ET</h4>[…]

Hackathon Weekend

In collaboration with Hacking Health

In collaboration with Hacking Health, the 2018 Hackathon Weekend was held in Shopify‘s headquarters The Hackathon is an annual event organized by Hacking Health that attracts many people from different backgrounds. Join this years hackathon where you’ll be able to meet healthcare professionals, designers, developers, innovators, and entrepreneurs and take part in building real solutions to Read more about Hackathon Weekend<br><h4>In collaboration with Hacking Health</h4>[…]

Pitch Clinic + IP Chats

In collaboration with Hacking Health

In collaboration with Hacking Health, the Pitch Clinic and IP Chats was held in Downtown Ottawa on April 18th! Learn about: Overview of Intellectual Property types and issues, patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc. How to effectively pitch your startup or project idea, and catch the audience attention in less than 90 seconds! This event is a Read more about Pitch Clinic + IP Chats<br><h4>In collaboration with Hacking Health</h4>[…]

Regulations of Healthcare Applications Commercialization

Workshop by Dr. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik

Please register here In collaboration with the Medical Devices Innovations Institute (MDII), we are organizing a workshop presenting a high level view of the Medical Devices product regulatory classification and a high level view of the registration process in Canada, Europe and USA. We will also discuss the intellectual property issue when designing an app Read more about Regulations of Healthcare Applications Commercialization<br><h4>Workshop by Dr. Abdulmotaleb El Saddik</h4>[…]

Nothing Personal: Emerging De-identification Standards

On-campus seminar / live webcast – February 28 at 11 a.m. ET (60 min)

In collaboration with Privacy Analytics, we are proud to present to you an interesting talk on the standards of de-identification. Mr. Malcolm Townsend, IT Research Analyst at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, will be giving a talk at the University of Ottawa on the standards of de-identification of private and personal information, which Read more about Nothing Personal: Emerging De-identification Standards<br><h4>On-campus seminar / live webcast – February 28 at 11 a.m. ET (60 min)</h4>[…]

UI Design and Prototyping Workshop

uOttawa SESA and CREATE-BEST are proud to bring the second UI design talk at the University of Ottawa. Andy Fang is an experienced UX Systems Front-End Developer at Shopify, and he talked about Interaction Design Principles and things to check off when designing a solution. This was delivered via a design pairing session on a hypothetical product Read more about UI Design and Prototyping Workshop[…]