A day in the life of: New York Attorney/startup founder and CEO Salvatore LoDuca


CREATE-BEST is pleased to invite you to the upcoming session of a series of seminars/webinars on the workday of a healthcare / public health professional. During each of these sessions, we invite a guest from the healthcare / public health sector and conduct a live interview with them. We will ask about their position in the organization, their daily activities, and their job requirements. The session will also allow for an open discussion with our guest for you to ask any questions about their workday!


This session’s guest is New York Attorney/startup founder and CEO Salvatore LoDuca!


Tuesday Oct 27, 2020

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM

Our guest

Salvatore LoDuca is a New York Attorney whose background is rooted in Manhattan Real Estate and the Hospitality industry. Mr. LoDuca is also the founder and CEO of 3 startup technology companies, Robosport Technologies, Neurobotics and Offset Ventures, LLC.  His startups are focused on uncovering novel training methodologies and integrating emerging technologies that open up and activate neural-networks by fostering neuro-motor plasticity.  Mr. LoDuca holds 13 patents that have application to sport specific practice, strength and conditioning and sports and medical rehab. Mr. LoDuca has also been collaborating with Dr. Jacob Wilson, CEO of The Applied Science and Performance Institute in Tampa, Florida and conducted numerous studies to increase athletic performance through natural body mechanisms.  Their first study has been published in the Journal of Sport & Human Performance and another study under review for publication with BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation.


Salvatore’s latest venture is founding and co-hosting The Bats Left – Throws Right podcast which represents a collaborative effort with his son and co-hosts, Peter LoDuca and New England Emmy Winner, Jack Aylmer.  BLTR seeks to open up a brand new discussion and focus on the “neurology” of athletic performance. He hopes to shed light on how neuroplasticity has always been at work in high level athletes and how these principles can be applied in an efficient and effective manner to unleash athletes’ fullest potential.






Our host

Dr. Namrata Bagaria is a physician with Masters in Public Health from Harvard University. She is a PhD Candidate in Digital Transformation and Innovation at University of Ottawa. She is Founder of Health 4.0 Leadership Network & Podcast, founder of Namology – life coaching, co-founder Healthy Skills Inc, Founder of Public Health Justice – Mumbai based charity and she sits student committees at uOttawa initiatives such as CREATE BEST & LIFE Institute.